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Business Development

Everyone wants to develop their business: Organizations and managers work hard to expand their activities, promote new goals and reach inspiring heights. In many cases, the common practice is to employ a "business development manager", and hope that he enables the organization to fully realize its aspirations.

The person holding this important role would be equipped with a distinguished academic degree, excel in up-to-date thinking, and have vast experience in other organizations. While these advantages and new ideas are very inspiring indeed, does that mean we should give up tried and true guidelines from the "old" management world?

Business Meeting

By working together with the organization's management and business development manager, we , Yishay and his team, will initiate innovative thinking and ensure successful communication with all senior members of the organization. We will help define the organization's objectives clearly, examine the strengths that can be harnessed for the desired development, survey the channels of communication with customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders alike, understand their expectations from the organization, and see how to best realize them.


We believe that our business development process will increase the client list, expand the product range, and hopefully even expand the company's areas of activity. We offer efficient organizational guidance and training as well, striving together towards the best results. Operational processes will be executed with full transparency, and on schedule, as planned, while I accompany and overlook all activities myself.

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